Celebrate your Weddings in Thailand with a Memorable Reception

Among the most joyous and most highly anticipated moments in a couple’s journey together is the wedding. This is a once in a lifetime event and is something a couple must plan carefully.

A wedding is not only about the ceremony itself. Another important part of the wedding is the reception, as this is the first time that the newlyweds greet their guests as Mr. and Mrs.. A typical wedding reception involves food, music, dancing, and well wishes. If you are planning to have a wedding in Thailand, you have plenty of choices when it comes to the wedding venue, which could very well be your post-wedding celebration venue.

The reason why weddings in Thailand are so popular is that planning a wedding is made hassle free, what with all the wedding resorts competing against each other to give every couple their dream wedding. Aside from getting a reliable Thailand wedding planner to take care of the details, here are some ideas to make your reception memorable and fun for everyone.

Make it fun.

The good thing about weddings in Thailand is that most of them are beach weddings that allow the reception to be less formal. Instead of opting for a typical fine dining wedding reception, why not make it an island inspired celebration? Make the shore the venue for the reception and serve skewers and tropical punch instead of the usual Western style food and drinks. This style of celebration allows everyone including you and your spouse, to be more relaxed. A cool idea is to get fire dancers to add some entertainment.

Add interesting accents.

Thailand weddings can be more memorable if you are more creative in choosing your decors. In your bouquet for example, you can opt for a bunch of tropical flowers, do the same thing with your table centerpieces. Instead of using chinaware, opt for native plates and banana leaf for serving your food. This will make guests really feel like they are in the tropics. You can also incorporate sea shells in your table accents and venue accents. During photo shoots, provide parasols and straw hats for the guests. They will love them!

Keep it casual.

A wedding in Thailand can deviate from the usual wedding celebrations. So you won’t have to change after the wedding ceremony, opt for semi-casual outfits. The bride for example can skip the floor length wedding gown and choose a shorter simpler wedding dress. The groom can opt for shorts instead of the usual pants. The same can be applied to the footwear. It’s your call. The bride can even choose to get married barefoot and just adorn her feet with jewels, ornaments, and a flawless pedicure. Dressing casually will allow you plenty of freedom to move about and have fun on the reception. There is nothing more bummer than having to drag a heavy gown while dancing with your folks.

Let the reception bloom.

Weddings in Thailand are made more beautiful by the colorful flowers. Use plenty of flowers on your wedding. For even better pictures and fun shots, give your guests some fragrant leis. Flowers make any room brighter and happier, and make any celebration more festive.

Make the shoes optional.

Another way to make it more fun for you and your guests is to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Have a basket filled with rubber slippers for your guests. That way, they won’t have to battle to move about the sand with their shoes. Also have a basket of small brushes ready to help remove the sand later on.

Give a twist to the wedding cake.

Weddings in Thailand, like most weddings, involve a wedding cake. A way to create a twist is to opt for a simpler wedding cake then buy premade cupcakes.

Talk to your wedding planner about having a cupcake decorating booth at your wedding reception.

Guests will surely enjoy decorating their own cupcake. This is also a good way to keep the kids from getting bored and cranky.

Toss the beach balls.

During your recessional, have mini beach balls for the guests to toss instead of coins, rice, or the usual flower petals. This is a lot of fun and will add a twist to your big day. More importantly, kids and adults will love it.

Have a chocolate fountain.

A good way to make your wedding in Thailand reception standout is to have a chocolate fountain. Almost anything can be dipped in chocolate, most especially tropical fruits. Have sliced fruits on sticks for the guests during the reception. You can also add pretzel, nuts, mini muffins, and rice pudding in your list of dip goodies. Chocolate is forever linked to romance and love. The chocolate fountain will make your wedding reception very enjoyable.

Serve plenty of Thai desserts.

Sweet and sticky desserts connote togetherness, romance, and an ever sweet marriage. In Thailand, there are countless of delectable sweet treats that you can serve on your post wedding celebration. There are sticky rice cakes, fried banana chips, tapioca pudding, coconut cake, and coconut ice cream. Even grilled pineapples will make a yummy dessert.

Have an all-Thai menu.

Thai cuisine is highly diverse and is among the most interesting international cuisines there is. A good way to really make your Thai wedding feel like one is to serve an all-Thai menu on your wedding reception. There are so many amazing dishes to choose from and the flavors are so distinct too. Among the popular dishes are spring rolls, battered prawns, green chicken curry, tom yam, and chicken in coconut sauce. Of course, you can include a kid-friendly selection that includes some familiar favorites for the little ones. Also, make sure you take advantage of the fresh sea foods. Serve oyster with the shell, grilled squid, seafood curry, fish curry—you get the idea. There is no better place to indulge on seafood than in Thailand.

Weddings in Thailand are among the most popular marital celebrations in the world. Make every bit of the event fun and memorable for everyone by following these simple tips. Have fun tying the knot. Get in touch with Zazen boutique Resort & Spa to know about wedding package prices in Thailand  today!.