The Most Romantic Koh Samui Weddings for the Modern Couple

Getting married is one of the most exciting phases in a person’s life. This is when you feel that the momentum is there, where the world is a rosy heavenly place filled with love, and you have a giddy anticipation of the future.

Where you decide to get married is a big factor into making the wedding of our dreams come true. Koh Samui is a very popular place to tie the knot. Known for its scenic beaches that boast turquoise waters and the finest white sand, Koh Samui is an idyllic destination for the best tropical island weddings. Koh Samui weddings are known to be filled with romance and are something everyone would like to be a part of.

Assuming that you already have looked over some possible Koh Samui wedding venues, here are some nice ideas to make your big day stand out among other Thailand weddings.

It’s all in the dress.

The fact that most Koh Samui weddings are held at the beach means that you have more options when it comes to the wedding dress. While white is still the number one wedding gown color of choice, you may opt for other colors to make an even better statement. People are more open minded these days about wedding concepts. Since you will be saying your vows in an exotic island anyway, why not choose a more tropical themed dress, say a flow-y coral bridal dress? Coral stands out amidst the blueness of the water and seems brighter when near the pristine sand.

If you want all eyes on you, then this bright color will not let you down. If you are more daring and festive, you may even opt for a bright floral printed dress and sea shells as your accents.

Consider a traditional Thai ceremony.

Thailand weddings can be either a Western style wedding or a traditional Buddhist wedding. It is totally your call. Most foreign couples choose to have a Western style wedding because it is a more familiar ceremony. Others choose a Thai wedding to be able to get a feel of the island version of tying the knot. If you want, you can choose to have both ceremonies. You can have a Thai wedding in the morning, then have the orthodox wedding late in the day. There are available Koh Samui wedding packages that offer both.

Choose novel wedding favors.

Because you are on the island, a good idea is to have beach themed wedding favors for your guests. You can opt for rock candies in a bucket, which look like little shore pebbles kids place in their pail while on the shore. For your bridesmaids, you can give sea shell jewelry or bag tags.

Get married at sunset.

If you happen to be in a location that offers the most stunning golden sunset views, why not take your beach wedding to the next level and get married with the golden sunset glow casting its spell on everyone? Sunsets are romantic and are one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena one can ever witness. Koh Samui weddings are made more memorable with orange-golden hues that mingle with soothing purple tones only a beautiful island sunset can provide.

Be ready for the elements.

An island wedding can be beautiful and exciting. Also, it is highly affected by the elements. Since Koh Samui has a weather which is sunnier than most places, it will be great if you give each guest a nice native fan.

To beat the direct heat, you can also give them cute straw hats. Parasols look great on photos and double as protection from the heat of the sun. With these neat ideas, your guests can be cool and be in style.

Choose a naturally romantic venue.

The great thing about getting married on the island is that Koh Samui weddings can be held in a variety of venues. You can get married at a resort, at a hotel, or at a private villa. The choice will actually depend on your budget and your preferences. Luckily, most wedding venues that island has are naturally enchanting. Choose a wedding resort that has an amazing beach scene like the Nora Buri. Here, you and your guests will absolutely enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and the fine white sand. In addition, the scenery from most parts of the property is truly amazing.

Among the other things couples love about Koh Samui is the abundance of colorful fragrant flowers. While lilies and flowers are very popular as centerpieces and bouquet flowers, it won’t hurt to try other flowers that are equally beautiful and are more accessible. Orchids, ginger flowers, Asian jasmine, pikake, and plumeria are common in the tropics. Single flower bouquets are overrated. Opt for a bunch of assorted colorful flowers for your wedding.

Have a DJ at the reception.

While having a band is the usual choice, it is also a great idea to have your favorite music played by a DJ. This approach is more contemporary, less formal, and is more fun for everyone. Guests would love to hear the original version of your favorite songs.

Use flowers everywhere.

While in Samui, you have the excuse to be flower crazy. Use flowers as garlands, leis, hair accents, and table centerpieces. Your aisle can also be filled with your flowers of choice. Flowers are romantic and are always linked with love.

Get some help.

If you are from another country and you are eyeing the island as a possible wedding venue, start looking for a reliable wedding coordinator. Don’t listen to those that say that you don’t need one. If you want to plan your wedding easier and be stress free all throughout the process, hire a good wedding planner. Find one with an experience and an impressive portfolio.

Koh Samui weddings are celebrations meant to bring together two people in love. Have fun getting married on the island. Contact Zazen boutique Resort & Spa to get the best wedding packages in Thailand today!.