Dream Wedding: Get the Best Thailand Wedding Planner

So you’re finally engaged and are now anticipating your big day. When the excitement of the engagement settles down, you can finally begin to plan for your wedding, but how? The first question is always the “Where”.

Where will you tie the knot? When it comes to wedding destinations, Koh Samui is among the best ones out there if a beach wedding is what you fancy. Koh Samui weddings are stunningly beautiful because the scenery offered by the island is simply gorgeous. If you are set on the island as your marital haven, it is time to get a Thailand wedding planner to help you plan better and without worry.

Here are some guidelines on choosing the perfect wedding planner Thailand has to offer.


The most important consideration in choosing a planner for Thailand weddings is expertise. Planning for a wedding is something big, especially if it is a beach wedding. It can be pretty exhausting, stressful, and involves a lot of creativity and attention to detail. The ideal Thailand wedding planner knows what he/she is doing, and is involved even in the simplest details. A beach wedding for example is always at the mercy of the elements.

It may rain or the sun could be unbearably hot. An expert wedding planner can get through these kinds of scenarios without breaking a sweat.


Sure, there is always a first time for everyone, even for a wedding planner Thailand has to offer. Ideally though, the Thailand wedding planner that will help you with your wedding has done it before. You’ll be tying the knot for the first time, in a foreign country. A newbie could be more of a stress than a helping hand. Choose a wedding coordinator with years of experience and whose portfolio is already thick. You deserve the best and if you hate to get stressed in planning, hire someone with an experience.


This cannot be stressed enough. The Thailand wedding planner you should get should have a big black book of important contacts. Network is very important in planning for an event. In case you are a foreign couple who know very little about the island, a coordinator who knows the best florist, baker, band, etc is what you need. The number of contacts a wedding planner has depends on his/her experience. These two go hand in hand.

Listening skills

Your wedding day is all about you and your preferences. That’s how it should be. That’s why you need a Thailand wedding planner that has good listening skills. As a couple, you have a clear vision as to what you like for your wedding ceremony and reception. For a wedding coordinator to make it come true, he/she needs to be able to get the details right. The ideal wedding consultant listens well and really goes the extra mile to make sure that every aspect of the planning is according to your wishes.

Only a person with good listening skills can create the exact plan for a wedding that is perfect for you.


Another very important quality to look for in a wedding planner Thailand resorts has to offer is the execution. Having the perfect plan is one thing. Being able to turn it into reality is a different story. You can see how well a wedding planner is with this aspect from the number of couples who are satisfied with the results. If you have friends or relatives who got married in Thailand before, you can ask them how they liked their wedding. If they are happy with it, chances are the wedding coordinator was able to execute everything perfectly.


There is an old adage that says “You should not fight the last war.” When we speak of wedding coordinators, this means that every wedding is different and should be treated differently. A creative wedding consultant treats every wedding celebration as an entirely new project with a whole new set of possibilities. Avoid the wedding consultant that loves template weddings. Look at his/her portfolio. The highly varied it is, the better.

If you look at the weddings he/she has planned before and they all look the same, find someone else, unless you want a run-of-the-mill wedding. You know you deserve a celebration that is as unique as your love story, right?

Ability to work on a budget

Aside from being creative, a wedding coordinator also has to be good with handling the budget. Making the most of what he/she has on hand is the quality of a good wedding planner.

The wedding team

A Thailand wedding planner performs better if he/she has the right of people with her. It takes a bunch of competent people to put together a beautiful wedding celebration. The wedding planner is the director of the whole thing, the person who makes everyone work in harmonious synchrony. You have high chances of getting the wedding of your dreams if your wedding coordinator knows how to be a team player and can communicate well with the staff.

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