Budget Friendly Thailand Wedding Packages

Love is definitely in the air in Thailand. Known as the wedding capital of the world, there is no stopping this country from giving every couple the wedding that they fancy.

From its scenic wedding venues, to its romantic weather, to its great food, Thailand has all the right elements for being a home to the most romantic marital ceremonies. Thailand weddings are hassle free weddings. In addition, they are budget friendly. The best thing about getting married in this place is that there are so many very good Thailand wedding packages to from. Here, you can have your dream wedding and still have plenty of funds to start a beautiful life with the one you love.

If you are thinking about getting one of the wedding packages Thailand is famous for, take note of these tips.

Set a limit

Choosing among the available Thailand wedding packages can be pretty overwhelming. To help you narrow it down, it is a good idea to set a budget that you can spend on your big day. Of course, you want it to be perfect and you want it to be the best wedding ever. A ceiling on the budget will help you to not get carried away and spend more than you are comfortable with.

Have a brunch wedding

A portion of the budget for any of the wedding packages Thailand has to offer will surely go on the food. They say that a morning wedding or more specifically a brunch wedding, will involve cheaper food than a dinner wedding reception. Besides, almost everyone tie the knot at sunset or before night time. Why not make yours different?

Save on the flowers

Instead of opting for a European style bouquet that will use imported flowers, why not choose local flowers like frangipani, hibiscus, and orchids? These local blooms make beautiful bouquets and they are easily available, thus cheaper. In fact, most weddings in Thailand take advantage of the local blooms as they are exotic looking and look great in photos too.

Say yes to the honeymoon offer.

The beauty of Thailand wedding packages is that most, if not all of them, include the honeymoon. This could save you time and energy and also will allow you to really enjoy your post wedding celebration. In addition, it will also save you some bucks.

There are plenty of very romantic venues in Thailand so both your wedding and honeymoon will be filled with romance. No need to pay for another honeymoon venue, unless you want to of course.

Replace alcohol with tropical coolers

Since you are in the tropics, why not serve yummy fruit coolers and smoothies on the reception instead of the usual wine and liquors? Limiting the alcohol to the champagne toast will help you save on wedding packages Thailand offers.

Prepare your own music

Instead of paying for the music, why not compile all your favorite songs to be played on your big day? When guests are too busy congratulating you and whispering best wishes, they won’t miss the live band. Besides, this is a good way to have your own input on the wedding. So ditch the band and start compiling your wedding music.

No need to splurge on the dress

Aside from saving on your prospecting Thailand wedding packages, you can also save money by choosing the wedding dress wisely. You can buy a vintage wedding gown for a song on eBay and other online auctions. Or, you may still have your mother’s wedding gown—that could be your “something borrowed” and at the same time your “something old”. If you want to have a tailor made gown, no need to go all out on the details if you will be having a beach wedding. Light, weightless, flowing fabrics work well for a breezy, sunny wedding by the beach. Another way is to shop with a friend and buy a ready-made dress in one of your trips. Your friend will tell you if the dress looks right and if it fits right.

Since you will be getting married on the beach anyway, you don’t need to splurge for a velvety, lacey, drape-y wedding gown. The sand will probably just ruin it.

Scout for affordable private locations.

Instead of getting married in a resort, why not ask your wedding planner in Thailand if she can find you a private villa where to do the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon?

The country is big and has so many options when it comes to venues. Better yet, scout on your own.

Do some research, ask some local friends, and check out some wedding forum sites. Information is so easily within reach nowadays and getting quotes is actually more convenient, as you can do it online.

Don’t scrimp on the photos

There are many ways to cut cost on the wedding but saving on the pictures is not one of them. Hire a good photographer and go the extra mile to see that there are enough pictures. Give everyone a disposable camera so they can capture candid moments the official photographer might miss out on. Just promise to give them copies later. This is a good way to ensure that the guests are having fun as well. Take as many photos as possible. You only get to marry once.

Ditch the one invitation per person rule

Is that even a rule? A good way to save on the invitations is to send only one per household. If you will be inviting people who belong to the same family, there is no use of sending them multiple invitations that say one thing—the fact that you are getting married and you want them to be there. Send one invitation per home. You save on the paper, you save on the cost, and you make things a lot simpler.

In Thailand, wedding packages are a lot cheaper compared to packages offered in some other place. Save more money by following these simple tips. Have fun getting married in Thailand.