Thailand Weddings Essentials: Color Motifs for Beach Weddings

Weddings are all about the best locations, the most romantic ambience, and the colors that the couple want for their special day.
A beach wedding is known to be filled with romance as couples will walk down the aisle while seeing bright blue colored water
and fine white sand.

Fragrant tropical flowers with velvety petals will scent the air with a rich fragrant aroma that makes everyone want to fall in love. While Thailand weddings could be of many kinds, a typical wedding in Thailand is a beach wedding.

Among the best destinations to get married in the country is Koh Samui. The tranquil tropical vibe of the island will make any Thailand wedding a romantic celebration.

Koh Samui weddings are best when they feature light fabrics, muted paradise colors, and light earth tones.

However, the motif could actually be anything, depending on the couple’s preferences.

Here are some ideas for the popular colors and motif choices for a wedding in Thailand.


A bright yet tranquil color with equal amounts of green and blue then tempered with white, turquoise is perhaps the most popular color choice for Koh Samui weddings. This color’s immense popularity is not so hard to understand as most beaches in Thailand boast the most natural turquoise shade. Turquoise works well with white and light mocha. It can also work side by side with lilac for some interesting color combo.

Another reason to choose turquoise is its relaxing and soothing qualities. If you want to get rid of the nerves and exude calm, this color will definitely work.

The beauty about turquoise is that it will bring out the water tones even more. It also looks amazing in photos.

Turquoise bows, turquoise shoes, and turquoise stones are good way to incorporate this color.

If warm standout shades are what you prefer, coral is a color you should check. Most Thailand weddings involve this color because it is the perfect contrast for the blueness of the ocean.

This is a flattering color for females and gives the impression of good health and happiness. Coral works well with so many colors and can be incorporated in lots of different ways. You can have coral dresses for your bridesmaid, coral colored flowers, coral accents, and so much more. Coral works well with muted emerald for a daring combo. For those who don’t want to wear white, coral is also a good choice for a wedding dress for a Thailand wedding at the beach. Coral balloons also make beautiful accents for beach weddings.


Mocha is a popular conservative choice for weddings. Depending on the amount of white mixed with brown, you can play with this color and incorporate different shades. It could be particularly challenging to come up with a consistent shade for this though, unless the fabrics and items come from one source. Mocha works well with turquoise, sky blue, white, and even gold. This is a popular color choice for intimate Thailand weddings as it brings a feeling of closeness, comfort, and coziness.


While considered years ago as too loud a color for a Thailand wedding, red has claimed its throne as the color of love as it became a popular color motif for the past few years. Red is a daring color and is also one of the hardest to work with as it is attention grabbing and eye-catching.

Some brides opt to wear red on their wedding and they truly make the crowd swoon. If you decide to wear red on your big day, opt for light fabrics so it is not so over the top. Your bridesmaids can wear red too or you can carry a bright red bouquet of velvety roses. Red is gorgeous for a near-sunset wedding as it blends well with all the other fiery colors like yellow and orange. It also looks amazing under muted yellow lights.

If you want to wear white on your wedding and still want to wear red, a good idea is to change outfits for the reception party so your first dance will be as romantic as you want.


Another color that often comes up in Thailand weddings is lilac. This is a soft violet tone, with a good dose of white. It is one of the most popular pastel colors and is a top choice of most women from all over the world. Lilac is a flexible shade and complements the color aqua very, very well. It is among the easiest colors to work with and also one that looks great in photos. Lilac looks tender alongside white, romantic with pink, and tranquil with powder blue. This is a versatile color and it is no surprise that couples who opt for Thailand weddings pick this as their color.


As cheesy as it sounds, pink will never be out in the list of top color choices for beach weddings. A true romantic color, this is forever linked to love, to blushes, and daintiness of a bride. It is a flirty, youngish color that never goes out of style. The other reason why this is often chosen is that there are so many flowers that come in all shades of pink. This color is accessible, popular, and has a universal appeal.


Sunshine yellow—perhaps the happiest color in the color wheel– is a popular choice for a tropical wedding. Think bananas, pineapple, mangoes, and papaya—almost all tropical fruits are yellow. Combined with gold, it resonates with richness, opulence, and abundance.

No wonder it IS popular. Yellow could be the color of your cake, the color of your bouquet and your balloons. It works well with corn flower blue as well.

Remember, you only get to marry once so make the most of it. Say your “I do” with the perfect color.

Once you have chosen among the available Thailand wedding packages, check these colors that are hits when it comes to Thailand wedding packages and pick the color of your wedding day.